Origami Accounting

Origami Accounting was an Edmonton startup looking to introduce a complete bookkeeping and accounting service for small business owners. Software was critical to the company’s vision of a reliable and reasonably priced monthly service achieved through high internal productivity. We took on the challenge of building a cloud-based system to help the Origami staff manage sales, clients, and workflow. Three years after it launched, Origami Accounting has expanded to Calgary and Vancouver, and Has been named one of Alberta’s most innovative companies by Alberta Venture. We’re continuing to build out the Origami site, adding more tools to help Origami’s customers and Origami’s staff better manage their respective businesses.

Sales Management

Origami uses a simple and efficient system to track and manage leads in the sales pipeline. Origami business managers can easily schedule communication with leads based on lead status and lead history. Origami executives can also regularly review key sales metrics and trends.

Client Management

Origami provides a consistently positive customer experience. This means staying on top of client files and responding to requests in a timely manner. From payroll modules to intake checklists, we’ve built tools to help Origami staff work smart.


Managing the monthly bookkeeping and accounting work for hundreds of clients in multiple markets is quite challenging. We’ve built a workflow management system to help Origami staff assign, review, monitor, and time all their client-related work.

We’ve built cloud-based software systems to help Origami Accounting create innovative solutions for the small business sector. What can we do for you?
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