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Performance Measurement

Measuring Performance in the NHL
Posted by Sridhar Mutyala at 09:42 PM · No Comments

(This is something I wrote back at the start of 2011 for a project we had going back then. I think Corsi has evolved beyond what I discuss here, but I still like goal value as an alternative.)

If you’re interested in the NHL and statistics (like us), you may have heard of something called the Corsi number. It’s one of many new methods to measure player performance being tracked by bloggers (like Behind the Net). Perhaps because it’s new, it’s not popular with traditionalists; witness Don Cherry’s rant against Corsi on Coach’s Corner last season. Despite misgivings over siding with guys who go with their gut, I agree with Cherry. The Corsi number is flawed. But it takes a better effort than Cherry’s to appreciate just why.

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