Search Engine Optimization
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Why pursue SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to everything you can do to improve your ranking on organic (as opposed to sponsored) search results of popular search engines (primarily Google since it handles the highest search volume — by far). Ranking high on the first page for relevant keywords can help you attract new qualified customers who are specifically searching for products and services that your business provides. Generally, the higher you appear on the first page for your target keywords, the more traffic and (with a well-designed site) the more qualified customers you acquire.

SEO has two parts

Part one is building and optimizing your site; part two is building and optimizing links to your site. The first part involves knowing and following the many site-specific content and style guidelines that help Google do its job: helping its users find what they’re looking for. The second part involves building relationships, not just links. You need to create a strong online presence for your business through endorsements and support from quality sources in the larger online community. Effective SEO is a lot like good PR.

Some basic SEO activities

A few of the basic activities to undertake to ensure high rankings for your website on target keywords include:

  • Target Keywords List: Researching the most frequently searched keywords and phrases for your line of business.
  • Link Building: Obtain “back links” from related websites, client sites and quality directories in order to generate link popularity.
  • Content Optimization: Optimizing of text of various html tags, meta data, page titles and page text as necessary.
  • Website Structure: Improve the structure of your website navigation and code for SEO purposes. Through our Greenhouse Program, we can work with you to develop highly engaging landing pages.
  • Content Generation: Generate additional keyword specific web pages, twitter updates, blog entries, resources and content in general for the purpose of “catching” target keywords.
  • Competitor Analysis: Monitor, track and improve your performance relative to your local competitors.
  • Analysis & Tracking: Create traffic and ranking reports for your website detailing performance and conversion rates.

How we can help

SEO is an ongoing competition to come out on top in as many high-value categories as you can. It requires (for a start) a good awareness of the shifting state of the art in order to develop a winning strategy for your business as well as access to powerful tools for analysis, execution, monitoring, and reporting. It also means knowing the influencers, participating in the right conversations, and building the right attention for your business and gradual goodwill. SEO isn’t short-cut generic link-building. We practice SEO to create long-term success for our clients.

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