Eight Reasons to Choose Our Greenhouse Program
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Does your website help your business? It’s the bottom line question — one you’re probably already asking. Eight Leaves Marketing offers custom web, graphic, and design solutions for local businesses. We call it the Greenhouse Program, because, you guessed it, we want your website to actually grow your business — and we have the nuts and bolts know-how to make it happen. The Greenhouse Program is an affordable, all-in-one online marketing solution for small to medium organizations that puts the emphasis where it matters: building websites that stand out, get found, and convert new customers.

  • All the cool kids are online. More and more businesses, large and small, are exploring online marketing. Some are actually succeeding: they’re running campaigns in search and social media; their customer base is increasing; they’re measuring and improving their marketing ROI. These businesses are at the forefront of a movement that Deloitte predicts will eventually see the online share of all advertising reach 50%. The Greenhouse Program is about helping clients join this transition that’s well underway. We help you to not just get online, but succeed once you’re there.
  • We’re a data-driven marketing company. Why is that important? Our business is built around using data to acquire, engage, and retain customers. We study customer behavior data in many different industries; we know what motivates prospects to act and customers to buy. So you could go with a web design shop and have a website that looks great (fingers crossed), or you could go with us and have a website that looks great and grows your business. We know the difference and you will too.
  • Stand out. We focus on clean and simple design that creates trust and interest in your potential customers. Poorly designed websites frustrate users (and search engines) with irrelevant/inconsistent content, content that doesn’t sell the main product or service, poor navigation, and confusing visuals. We design sites that engage and convert users while doing all the little things necessary to rank well in search engines. And, by the way, we don’t do Flash. Zero. That means our sites work on Apple gadgets like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. So what? Mobile devices are expected to make up the majority of Web traffic within five years! How do we know? Mary Meeker told us so.
  • Get found. A website that stands out is step one. Step two is getting the right people to visit the site: people who are searching for your products and services or people who, once they’ve been introduced to your products and services, choose to become your customers. From SEO to local listings to marketing on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to online advertising, we know how to drive qualified traffic to your website. This isn’t a tacked on service. You don’t have to deal with multiple suppliers for solving what is essentially one problem: getting customers online. The Greenhouse Program is about partnering with you through the whole process.
  • Convert new customers. Once prospects show up, the sales side takes charge. What does the selling? Your site! Knowing how well your site is doing and systematically changing things up to try different tactics and strategies is the last step. We work with Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer to fine-tune your site’s conversion funnels. With the Greenhouse Program, you’ll know on a regular basis how well your site is doing in terms of generating customers, and you’ll be able to make and test changes to push performance higher.
  • Growth takes time and effort. There are no quick fixes. The Greenhouse Program is about setting up an ongoing partnership. We work with you to build a solid foundation for growing your business online. We’re big believers in working with clients that share our passion and excitement for business. It’s about seeing and planning for the long-term even while dealing with the constraints of the short-term.
  • You could pay a little or a lot. Or you could pay for value. There are discount shops who’ll do a site quick, cheap, and a little dirty. If price is your biggest factor, you’ll go with these guys. Somewhere at the other end, there are bigger shops whose proposals are more elaborate and much more costly. Their cost structure is a little off, but their sales pitch and client roster is pretty solid. You might be thinking they’re a good bet. We can see just how confusing it is to sort through all the players and options. When we were figuring out our goals for the Greenhouse Program, we looked at two questions: 1) What is the value we’re delivering to clients? and 2) What would it take for us to deliver it? We wanted to make sure that value and price made sense, and we know you’ll feel the same at the end of the project. We’re a business just like yours — we want to grow by treating customers better than anyone else.
  • Once a plant leaves the Greenhouse, it still wants to grow… Online advertising is competitive and complex. It’s hard to figure out. It’s harder to get results. We have the expertise. From keyword analysis, analytics, landing page optimization, testing, and optimizing search spending, we can help meet your evolving marketing needs as your business continues to grow.

The Greenhouse Program is an affordable, all-in-one online marketing solution for small to medium organizations. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more!

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